Threes Brewing & Brett Beers at Meeting 1/5 + Holiday Party 1/11 + More

Greetings Brewsers!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their festive season. Whatever you choose to celebrate, even if it’s just time off work, here’s hoping it’s safe, fulfilling, and filled with great beer.

January Meeting, 1/5

When we all emerge on the other side in the new year, we will gather for our monthly meeting at Browerij Lane on Monday, January 5 at 7pm.  Greg Doroski will be joining us to get us up to speed on his new brewpub Threes and share some of his vast experience with us.

January 5th is also our Brett meeting. Bring anything that has been in contact with the lovely yeast, whether that be primary, secondary, or bottled with Brettanomyces. Add your info to the signup sheet by January 2.

Holiday Party, 1/11

Our annual Brewsers holiday party will be at Browerij Lane on Sunday January 11th from 1-5pm. If you have a keg or some bottles to share, set them aside and we will coordinate the details closer to the date.

February Yeast Experiment

We’re trying a new yeast experiment in February. Everyone brews the same recipe and chooses a different yeast. Visit the sign up form to claim your yeast(s) and for the recipe.

Club news: SMaSH ballots, Brewnity benefit postponed, upcoming meetings

Single malt/single hop ballots are available on Google Drive.

The Brewnity club night benefit for City Harvest was postponed from early November to either February 15 or February 22.

As always, anyone can update the spreadsheet of upcoming meeting plans.  We don’t have much planned for our November meeting, so if anyone wants to add a speaker or lead a discussion or tasting, please add it.  The following few months have plans, but no one has signed up to get feedback on a beer.  Add yourself if you like.  We’ve started having a feedback session at 7pm or even a few minutes before, so that meetings start on time but people running late don’t miss speakers, contests, etc.

Other upcoming meeting plans include:

  • December – winter beer focus.  We’ll taste a variety of winter beers, from dark lagers to spiced stouts, both commercial and homebrewed, and talk about how to make winter styles that taste more like beer than like pastries.  Talk to Jeff or Joe if you want to contribute beer, lead part of the discussion, or suggest a commercial beer.
  • January – Brettanomyces contest.  Enter any beer fermented in full or in part by Brett.
  • February – Yeast experiment. Not a contest with a winner, so we’ll take notes but talk about our beers and yeast more than we would in a competition.  We’ll do a group buy for grain and hops and then everyone who wants can make beers identical except for the yeast strain used.  Mlore info and a sign up coming soon.
  • June – sours contest

Volunteer for Peekskill Hop n Harvest festival (10/4)

In a few weeks (October 4th) Peekskill Brewery is doing their annual Hop n Harvest festival in Peekskill, NY. The brewery is looking for some volunteers to do 4 hour shifts and in return get some beer and Peekskill Brewery swag.

Here’s the email from Peekskill:


Pete Lengyel suggested I contact you concerning our annual Hop n Harvest festival here in Peekskill on 10/4.  We need

volunteers to work 4 hours shifts for the event to pour beer.  Lunch is provided and each volunteer gets a t-shirt, a growler, and a growler fill for their time, as well as beverage tokens for the event.  If anyone is interested, please reply to Lauren McFadyen at and she will get you on the schedule.

Thanks everyone!

I know a few of us will be attending/volunteering so if anyone else wants to do the same go ahead and email Lauren.

Brew n’ Chew VII (10/5)

Next month on October 5th Diamond Bar is holding it’s famous Brew n’ Chew event yet again. Homebrewers and chefs alike will compete for the best beer/food combo while all proceeds for the event go to Grow To Learn, a NYC based organized working to create and maintain gardens throughout public schools.

This year our very own Ryan McMahon is participating with PJ’s girlfriend Cara Baker to compete for the main prize. Tickets are already on sale for $20 and will be $25 at the door. Hope to see some of you there!

For more information check out the Diamond Bar event page.

What: Brew n’ Chew Homebrew/Food Competition
When: Sunday October 5th, 2014
Where: Diamond Bar (43 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222)