This Monday, Brett Beers, + Group Brew

Our Amalgamation experiment/competition is this Monday.  Amalgamation is the Yeast Bay’s blend of 6 Brett strains.  If you brewed, sign up on the spreadsheet by 10am Monday.  If you didn’t brew, you still get to try some tasty Brett beers.  And, of course, after the competition, we’ll share any other homebrews that make their way to the meeting.

Our June meeting will include both our annual Brettanomyces competition and Flint Whistler from Rockaway Brewing.  Any beer with Brett is eligible for the competition.  On Thursday, May 12, Flint is hosting us for Rockaway’s Homebrew Thursday.  He’ll probably be pouring tastes of homebrew in their Long Island City tap room, and we’ll brew a 5-gallon batch of beer, half for an upcoming Homebrew Thursday and half for the June Brewsers meeting.  We’ll talk about the recipe this Monday.

See you Monday at 7pm at Brouwerij Lane.