This week in homebrew

Monday 1/4: Sours + more

We’re meeting!  Sign up for the sours competition.  Arrive at 7 for a feedback session on Matt and Drew’s stout plus samples from the Brewsers two 55 gallon barrels.

Wednesday 1/6: Free wort

KelSo wort pick up on Wednesday.  To get free wort, you must sign up with KelSo and optionally can also add your info to the Brewsers’ sign up for our March in-club competition.  Bitter & Esters bottle swap will be at KelSo at the same time, so bring something to share if you can!

Sunday 1/10: Party

We’re celebrating at Brouwerij Lane from 2 until at least 6.  Bring food, beer, and friends.  Let me know if you want to bring a keg.  Brouwerij has offered to let us tap a few for self-service.