Meeting schedule change + holiday party

Starting next month, we’re moving all of our meetings to the second Monday of the month.  Our first Mondays schedule has required us to move our meetings 2-4 times per year to avoid holidays, so this should hopefully make things easier going forward.

Our schedule for the beginning of 2017 is:

Monday, January 9: regular meeting/holiday & winter beer tasting.  Bring both homebrew and commercial winter and holiday beers.  No one’s signed up yet to start the meeting—and there are a lot of competitions coming up—so add your info (here: for the 7pm focused tasting.

Sunday, January 22: Holiday party.  Bring food and beer.  We’ll probably be able to put a few kegs on tap, so plan to bring one if you want.

Monday, February 13: Sours contest.  There’s ample time to brew kettle sours and even time for some faster post-boil souring.

After that, we’re pretty open, so think about what you’d like to do, and set it up.  Note the plans on the meeting plans spreadsheet.