Mary Izett & The Beer Week that Was + Group Barrel + NHC

Monday’s Meeting: Mary Izett & Beer Week

Monday’s Brewsers meeting is Cinco de Marzo (not to be confused with Cincomarzada), our annual celebration of not only beer but also other fermented foods and beverages.  This year, Mary Izett will talk about quick fermentation, including but by no means limited to beer.  If you somehow don’t yet own Mary’s excellent book, Speed Brewing, she will likely have a few copies to sell and sign.  You can also buy it in advance from Amazon or just around the corner from Brouwerij Lane at Word Bookstore (2 copies in stock as of last week; might be out of stock now).

Before Mary talks, we’ll look back at The Beer Week that Was.  Bring anything you poured or otherwise brewed for NYC Beer Week 2016, and we’ll talk and taste our way through the highlights of late February.  As part of that discussion, we’re having a mini contest of Brewsers’ beers made with the wert KelSo gave away for Brewpiphany.

Group Barrel Aged Tripel

The Brewsers’ Tripel barrel is being refilled on Sunday, April 24.  If you’d like to sign up for a five gallon share of the barrel, do so.  We have a few open slots.  We hope to place a group purchase and have ingredients in hand by Friday, March 11.

National Homebrew Conference & Competition

Registration time is almost here.  See the NHC website.

Also, if you registered for the national homebrew competition, the deadline to submit bottles is March 9. At the last meeting, Andrew volunteered to drop off bottles for folks. So, if you want, bring your bottles to Monday’s meeting, and he can drop them off at Singlecut.