Picnic tomorrow, hop experiment and upcoming competitions, plus more plans for months to come

We have a lot of plans to take us through the fall and even parts of next year, but before those is tomorrow’s Brewnity Picnic. See who’s going and add yourself on the sign up sheet. The basics are at the bottom of this message. There’s also a charity raffle, benefiting the Young Survival Coalition, so bring a little extra cash.

We had a great meeting this Monday. Thanks to Daniel for bringing his Pilsner along with commercial comparisons. He both kicked off our summer beer comparison and continued our competition-oriented feedback sessions. We have meeting plans through next January (more on that below), but we have time left at each meeting for one or two people to bring a beers you’re trying to ready for competition and get some feedback. As always, add that—or anything else you’d like to organize—to the planning spreadsheet on Google Drive. Be sure to include your name, so we know you’re coordinating.

Next year’s National Homebrewers Conference (NHC), which includes finals of the National Homebrew Competition (also NHC), will be in Baltimore. We’ll coordinate entry into the first round of NHC (competition) and have a meeting at which Brewsers can drop their bottles. Stay tuned for the details, and bring your beer for feedback in the meantime. This year’s NHC was June 11-13 in San Diego. Congratulations again to Matt Chan for his third place finish in the sours competition, and thanks to Steve for his recap of highlights at this month’s meeting.

In addition to preparing for regional and national competitions, we have a few in-club experiments and competitions coming up.

Sign up now to claim your hop(s) for the September 14 comparison. We’ll brew a (slightly simplified version of) Hop2It, the “Hop R&D” recipe by Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing.  The recipe we’re using is corrected for NYC water and is on the sign up sheet.

Also, start brewing anytime for upcoming in-club competitions. These include November’s stout competition (enter any stout), January’s Brettanomyces competition (enter any beer made with Brett, whether all Brett or blended), and June 2016’s sours competition.

Outside of competitions and experiments, we’ll focus on German beers in October and winter/holiday beers in December. Our holiday party will be in January, likely on Sunday, January 10.

The Brewnity Picnic hosted by the Bronx Homebrewers

Where: Croton Point Park (google map), Pavillion 2
When: Saturday, Jul 11. From late morning (11am) until sunset
How to get there: Car of MetroNorth to Croton Harmon station (www.mta.info/mnr)
Parking Fees for drivers: $5 for residents, $10 for non-residents
What to bring: Homebrews, tasty dishes to share, $5 per person, outdoor fun things, games, etc.
Sign up here