Threes Brewing & Brett Beers at Meeting 1/5 + Holiday Party 1/11 + More

Greetings Brewsers!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their festive season. Whatever you choose to celebrate, even if it’s just time off work, here’s hoping it’s safe, fulfilling, and filled with great beer.

January Meeting, 1/5

When we all emerge on the other side in the new year, we will gather for our monthly meeting at Browerij Lane on Monday, January 5 at 7pm.  Greg Doroski will be joining us to get us up to speed on his new brewpub Threes and share some of his vast experience with us.

January 5th is also our Brett meeting. Bring anything that has been in contact with the lovely yeast, whether that be primary, secondary, or bottled with Brettanomyces. Add your info to the signup sheet by January 2.

Holiday Party, 1/11

Our annual Brewsers holiday party will be at Browerij Lane on Sunday January 11th from 1-5pm. If you have a keg or some bottles to share, set them aside and we will coordinate the details closer to the date.

February Yeast Experiment

We’re trying a new yeast experiment in February. Everyone brews the same recipe and chooses a different yeast. Visit the sign up form to claim your yeast(s) and for the recipe.