Brett competition Monday + some housekeeping

Sign up for the Brett competition next Monday.  Sign up will close around 10am Monday morning.  Any beer with Brett is eligible.  Hopefully it’s there on purposes, but hey, if it tastes good…

The meeting will also include guests from Rockaway Brewing Co. and maybe some last minute details of NHC, which starts on June 9.
A few people asked for a reminder of where the spreadsheet with meeting plans is saved, so there’s the link.  Please add whatever you like, and include your name, so others know who to contact about upcoming meetings.

Andrew’s taking the lead on Instagram and Twitter.  We probably want to continue to post on our website, maybe tie social media into Facebook, and possibly improve the design of this site.  If any of that is up your alley, volunteer to help.  I’ll continue to host the website and can take care of technical aspects (including implementing a design if needed), but I’m not doing the social media or creative tasks.

The website also should probably have meeting announcements.  If you send a meeting plan to the group and want to put it on the site, I can give you access.  I can also post announcements if you send them to me ready to go.

We have a few invites to visit breweries.  We’ll talk about it next Monday.  If you want to coordinate Brewsers field trips, please take the lead.  (If we were a club with officers, you would be the Brewsers Chaperone.  But we aren’t, so you’re not.)

Finally, a heads up that the Yahoo Group is now set so replies go to the sender of a message, not the whole list.  All list memebers are still allowed to post with no moderation.  Just change the to: address when you want to reply-all.